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Beware of Cheap Garage Doors

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We have two example videos of cheaper ‘budget garage doors’ which use thinner and weaker 55mm door lath. These can represent a serious security risk to your garage and home.

Example 1: 55mm Lath that is Flimsy Lath and easy to break

In this example in the first part of the video, you will see us demonstrate how flimsy this type of 55mm lath can be by how much it rattles, if you look closely on the right-hand side of the door you will see two points where the door is “bulging” slightly about halfway down and also towards the bottom, this is the door lath starting to rip apart on a door that was only two years old. In the second part of the video the fitter shows how easy it is to simply smash through the door without using very much force at all.

Example 2: Breaking and entering in around Five Seconds

In this example the door has a very poor locking system which allows the door to be forced upwards with a screw driver. Once in this position, due to the poor quality lath, it is quite easy to pull the lath out of the guides to gain entry into the garage in around five to six seconds.