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Garage door safety


Fully compliant Doors which are DHF Approved


All our doors are CE Approved to EN13241 and manufactured to the latest Door and Hardware Federation guidelines (DHF) ensuring that your door is legal and safe. We are required by law to give you a Declaration of Conformity stating that the door conforms to the relevant UK Directives. To download the latest DHF Safety of Your Garage Door Leaflet Please Click Here.

CE Fully Approved Mark

Please do not be fooled by “bargain-priced” doors. Your door is required to have these safety features to be legal and conform to the current safety directives.

Garage Door Obstacle Detection

Obstacle Detection

For any roller door that can be operated remotely, it must have an obstacle detection system installed to comply with current UK directives. This can be in the form of an “intelligent” motor or a light curtain, but by far the most popular and cost effective method is a Safety Edge which means there is a rubber contact strip at the bottom of the door that will switch on contact with an obstacle causing the door to retract to prevent injury/damage. Please note that the obstacle detection systems listed above are the ONLY type that are legal and conform to current UK directives. For example a single photo beam alone IS NOT an adequate safety measure. All our doors are fitted with a state of the art safety edge as standard which conforms with all UK directives.

Safety Brake

Safety Brakes use inertia technology to engage in a similar to way to car seat belts. In the rare event that the tube motor should fail (whilst the door is in the open position) causing the door to enter a free fall state the Safety Brake will sense the door dropping at pace and will lock to hold the door in mid air. All our doors are fitted with high-quality safety brakes as standard.

Garage Door Safety Brake

All our roller shutter garage doors are supplied with all the safety features and documentation featured on this page providing you with a door that is safe, legal and fully compliant.

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As a business we are absolutely committed to the safety of our doors and helping to raise standards within the industry this is why all our Trojon roller garage doors are manufactured in the UK to all current Door and Hardware Federation Directives. Also, our installation engineers are trained and approved by the DHF ensuring that in addition to supplying you a top quality door it will be installed professionally to the highest standards and best working practice possible. Click the box below to see/download the latest consumer leaflets from the DHF .