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What to Look for When Buying an Electric Roller Shutter Garage Door

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It is true that roller shutter garage doors have been growing massively in popularity in the last few years, so much so that it is fair to say the market has definitely split into two distinct areas. Firstly you have the “budget” market which are predominantly doors that are built to “fit a price” which is typically around a thousand pounds (at the time of writing) and secondly what we would call the “high quality” market which are doors that typically can cost around double the price of a budget door.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Roller Shutter Garage Door

But is it enough just to simply say to a customer that doors are better quality when the price difference is so significant? Or should we be trying to justify and indeed quantify specifically what the differences are between the two? In this article that is exactly what we will try and do. So what do we need to look for when wanting to buy a high quality roller shutter garage door?

Firstly you need to understand that there are two types of lath available (i.e. the door sections themselves). There is the 77mm x 19mm twin walled fully insulated aluminium which is much stronger and more solid than the 55mm x 19mm or “compact lath” which is much more flimsy, can rattle in the wind and is not very secure (see video how easy these type of laths are to break).

The door should be fully automatic this means you DO NOT have to keep your finger on the button for the duration of the door to close (which can be around 15 seconds which is a long time to wait especially in the rain or when using regularly) or in other words you can simply press the down button and walk or drive away.

The door should be CE marked and conform to BS EN 13241-1 and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as specified in the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) Guidelines. You should also be given a certificate. Click Here to see the DHF video explaining this further. In fairness most doors these days do conform to some degree, however to conform fully a remote controlled door must have a an obstacle detection system most commonly supplied in the form of a something known as a safety edge which many doors still do not have as standard.
Sometimes you pay for things you don’t see and the motor is a perfect example of this. A good quality door will only use branded motors, for example Somfy, NRG or Ellard. If a door supplier cannot tell you the brand of motor they use then you should walk away.

Any high quality door will use a branded control system which not only operates the door but also monitors the safety system, Somfy and Teleco are the two European market leaders and the only two we supply with our doors.

We have never met a customer yet who doesn’t care about security, yet can you believe that not all roller shutter garage doors lock? Some budget doors either do not have or a fitted with a very poor quality locking mechanism built into them which means they can easily be lifted from the ground to aid someone crawling under the door to get into the garage….Please see our video showing how easily this can be done with some types of budget doors. High quality roller doors will use well designed and solid locking straps that engage automatically when the door closes holding the door down and vastly reducing the possibility of someone forcing the door upwards to gain entry.

A good quality door will be supplied with a full box. Some budget doors leave the full width of the inside of the box part of the door open which means the inside of the door mechanism is unguarded and the inner workings of the door can be seen. This is not ideal as it exposes the inner workings and also looks very poor.

And there you have it, what to look for when buying a high quality roller garage door. Of course it goes without saying that all our doors have all the features listed above as we do not supply budget doors and the reason for that isn’t because we can’t it is because we choose not to as we don’t feel we couldn’t maintain, long term, our high standing and reputation in the market if we did. We do always give the same advice to customers who are having to meet a budget of around a thousand pounds which is; buy yourself a good quality up and over manual door rather than a budget roller door or ideally if you can buy a good quality roller door you will be buying into long term reliability, security and safety.