Why an Electric Garage Door?

A good quality electric garage door (either in the form of a sectional garage door or roller shutter garage door) is something you really should be considering as it is likely that you will not purchase another for many years if ever and not only will it add desirability and value to your home it will transform your garage into a room that will make using your garage much easier and convenient as well as making it more secure, warmer, and quieter.

Nowadays Garages can be the most versatile room in the home

There was a time when a garage was a dark, cold, damp place to simply park a car for the evening to keep it safe and dry and a creaky metal or wooden garage door was sufficient. Nowadays garages have pretty much become extensions to people’s homes, a place where you not only can park your car but where you keep many of your possessions; tools, garden furniture, recreational equipment children’s toys sound familiar?  Nowadays a garage is a place where you very often store food, use fridges, washing machines etc. or where children play.  In fact the garage in many households has become the most versatile room in the whole house.

Most people only ever purchase a garage door maybe one or twice in their whole lives (if ever) and have probably never given it any thought, however the truth of the matter is that like many other technologies the automatic garage door industry has transformed in the past twenty years and what was once considered an expensive luxury is now much more affordable for most people. Of course traditional manual up and over garage doors are still popular, but the comparative cost between the two has narrowed considerably in recent years and the electric garage door market has increased at a very rapid pace and has now reached a point where it has become the mainstream choice for new garage door purchases.

Electric Garage Doors have now become the mainstream choice

It will add desirabilty and value to your home

Safety, Security & Convenience

Increased Warmth and Sound Insulation

Most electric garage doors are remote controlled which  for regular car users means you can open, close and lock them without leaving your car.  This of course makes it much easier and for car users as well as safer when parking late at night etc. In addition there are high quality locking mechanisms built into the door making them much more secure than padlocks and exposed keylocks.

Most good quality electric garage doors are insulated and constructed to eliminate draughts and rain water ingress from the bottom of the door.  An electric garage door can have a U value of up to 1.35W/(m2K) which is the equivalent thermal insulation of a 55cm thick brick wall.  In addition the insulated panels achieve a significant increase in sound insulation.

All this matters if you want to use your garage as a versatile space for storage, office, playroom, work room, utility room etc. (without necessarily going to the expense of a garage conversion) and still have the flexibility of a being able to still use it as a garage if you ever needed to in the future.  At Worcester Garage Doors all our doors use Alutech (one of the largest garage door manufacturers in the World) components so you can rest assured the door you purchase from us is of the highest quality.  Please contact us to arrange a free no obligation survey

Why does all this matter?