Roller Shutter Garage Doors V Sectional Garage Doors

roller shutter garage door

So you have decided to replace that creaky old garage door that has seen better years with a brand spanking new electric door that will drag your garage kicking and screaming into the 21st century. As you have never bought one of these electric door thingy’s before and don’t know that much about them there is only one place to go next and that is of course Google and you begin your search.

What you will then find is a huge choice in what, where and how to buy an electric garage door and within that mix there will be: roller shutter doors, sectional doors, electric “up and over” doors, local companies, national companies, supply only companies, one time only price offers and the list goes on. We will be dealing with some of the other issues in future articles but for the purposes of this article we will be specifically looking at the differences, advantages and disadvantages of roller shutter doors and sectional doors.

Roller Shutter Doors A roller shutter door is made up of 77mm wide (occasionally 55mm) laths which coil up over a barrel which is driven by a cylindrical motor (usually known as a tube motor) which is usually mounted above the garage opening inside a 300mm box.

Sectional Doors A sectional door is made up of usually four spring balanced sections which is “pulled” from the top via a chain behind the door and when in the open position is suspended in the garage ceiling space inside a frame. Both

types of door are insulated, secure, remote controlled and essentially do the same job. However there are some key differences which are listed below.

Price...Roller shutter doors usually cost less due to them having fewer components and being quicker and easier to install.

Versatility...Sectional doors require more space especially in the ceiling space whereas roller shutters coil into a relatively small space. This means there are situations where you can only install a roller shutter door where a sectional door door would not fit.

Choice of Finish...Due to the difference in design, sectional doors have a wider choice of styles and offer a much wider permutation of options that combine, depth of panel, type of panel, colour and texture. Generally speaking due to their design characteristics, roller shutter doors have only one type of panel with options on colour and texture.

So which type should you choose? Well ultimately that is a decision for you. Our advice would be that it is the choice of finish that would really be the main reason to choose a sectional door as you can get quite a distinctive and individual look with Georgian, Microwave or Ribbed panels combined with vision windows etc. If however you prefer the clean, uncomplicated roller shutter door appearance then that would be the way to go. In our experience 90% of the electric doors we supply are roller shutter doors. Also bear in mind that price and modern UK compact garages also play a big part in ensuring that the roller shutter door remains the king of the UK electric garage door market.

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