ALUTECH Roller Shutter Garage Doors


  • Secure

  • Fully insulated

  • Compact design

  • Maximises garage space

  • Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Allows full use of garage opening

  • Does not take up any drive space

Available in a Wide Range of Colours including wood grain (foil finishes)

Our Range of Roller

Shutter Garage Doors

Roller Shutter Garage Doors - Built in the UK

Roller shutter, vertically rolling doors have become incredibly popular as domestic garage doors in the past few years.  Vertically rolling garage doors, or ‘roller doors’ feature a curtain that rolls into a coil or barrel, positioned above the garage opening. The vertical opening mechanism means that the door does not swing out when it is opening so you can safely park right up to the door. 


As their name suggests, roller doors roll. This means that there is no door or tracks going back into the garage which can offer a very neat, tidy and space saving solution. This can be particularly useful if there are any obstructions or doorways in the garage or if you just want to make full use of the ceiling storage area.


Roller doors also have a unique advantage over other types of garage door, in that not only can they be fitted behind the garage opening, so they work with arched or angled construction shapes, but they can also be fitted externally. This means that they can be installed in openings that don’t have as much space to fit other types of garage door, providing the maximum drive through width and height.

All our roller shutter garage doors use the highest quality components and are built in the UK.  All our garage doors  provide high levels of security and are fully insulated.  They are available in a large range of colour options, including textured wood grain finishes. They offer high levels of thermal protection, which is particularly useful if your garage is attached to your property.

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Double Brown Roller Garage Door

Double Brown Roller Garage Door