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How Secure are Electric Roller Shutter Garage Doors

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A question we are often asked by customers when surveying garages for roller shutter doors is “How secure are roller shutter garage doors?”

This is a question that doesn’t have a straight forward answer, firstly how do you measure such a thing and even if we answered by saying “very secure” what does that actually mean and “very secure” in what context and compared to what?

Let’s be honest here, if someone wants to force entry into a garage, house or car for that matter and are determined enough without worrying too much about the consequences they will smash, cut or break their way in without much trouble. Having said this it is fair to say that there is a lot that can be done to protect against opportunists who want to break in covertly.

In our experience, of traditional up and over garage door forced entries, it tends to be the lock on the door that is forced with a crow bar to gain entry. Roller shutter doors do not have any visible locks so there is nothing to “crow bar” as such so the only realistic option is to try and force the door upwards from the ground.

There are three things that a high quality roller shutter will have that will make this method of entry very difficult:

  1. High quality hidden locking straps inside the box that that engage when the door is in closed position forcing the door downwards and offering high resistance to any upward force.
  2. A strong, profiled 77mm door lath that is very difficult to bend or break.
  3. A wide and solid minimum, 70/75mm door guide at either side of the door that helps guard against the door being prised outwards.

All our Trojon roller doors have the above three features as standard across the range and In addition there are also optional, integral alarm systems built within some of our control boxes that also help to deter thieves.

In an attempt to demonstrate how important these feature are for high security, here is a video of a staged break in that takes approximately five seconds to gain forced entry into the garage. If you watch closely the door is forced upwards due to the lack of a good quality locking system, it is then pulled outwards and upwards due to the poor quality door lath and door guide making it very easy for the perpetrator to crawl into the garage.

So let’s get back to the original question. How secure are roller shutter garage doors? Well without a visible lock to break or “crow bar” we would argue they are more secure than a traditional garage door as long as the door is of high quality and has the features listed above.

In addition we can say that to date in all the years we have been in business we have never had a customer call us asking us to repair a door that has be damaged due to someone trying to force entry. Of course we can’t guarantee that this will never change in the future but we will always strive to ensure our roller garage doors are secure as it is possible to be.