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10 Good Reasons to Buy a Roller Garage Door

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In the past few years roller garage doors have become very popular and are well on the way to replacing traditional up and over garage doors as the “go to” or standard garage door of choice for most people.

There are many reasons for their popularity; here are just ten.

Ultra Convenient

Remote control access means that your roller door will open/close at just the touch of a button making access to your garage easier and much more convenient in all weathers for vehicle and/or storage access.

Excellent Security

Unlike a traditional garage door, roller garage doors do not have a visible lock which means there is nothing than can be forced or broken with a crow bar. In addition all our doors have a high quality locking mechanism incorporated into the roller, which makes it almost impossible for the door to be force lifted from the ground this means that it is very difficult to break into our doors covertly or quietly by opportunists.

Space Saving

The door rolls into a box that is only 300mm square freeing up all the space that is normally required by a traditional up and over garage door. This will give you much more wall and ceiling space inside the garage. In addition, roller doors do not swing outwards like traditional up and over doors, this means you can park very close to the door without fear of damaging your car when opening; this can be especially useful for people with shorter length drives.

Can Help Reduce Bills

Garages can be a huge “weak point” for winter draughts and cold, this is often due to an old or badly fitted/badly designed garage door. All our roller garage doors are made to measure, fully insulated, supplied with a twin seal at the bottom of the door and fully silicone sealed when fitted. This gives excellent heat retention properties as well as minimising cold draughts/wind entering the garage. This is especially beneficial for garages that are attached to the property.

Highly Versatile

Roller garage doors are often used when wanting to use the garage for an alternative use e.g. office/gym/playroom etc. In these instances the door will give good thermal and sound insulating properties as well all the extra space required inside the garage but easily allows you to revert back to using as a garage if for example you were to sell your house in the future.

An Investment in Your Home

Often we hear people say “it’s only a garage door” In many homes however the garage door is the most imposing feature at the front of the house and is often the first thing that people see when approaching your property. A good quality roller shutter garage door not only offers convenience but can also significantly enhance how the front of your house looks. This adds desirability and therefore value to your home making a roller garage door a great long term investment in your property.

Peace of Mind

Ok maybe we have cheated a little bit on this one. Here are four additional good reasons to buy a roller garage door from Worcester Garage Doors.

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As a business we work hard to achieve these things as we believe building trust with customers and doing everything with integrity is massively important, but please don’t take our word for it. Click the links above and check us out for yourselves.